The official rules and supplementary regulations for the July 27th event are provided on the ARMS Forum site here:

July 27th Event schedule is as follows:

–Event Schedule–

0800 – Registration opens
0845- Registration for TA closes
– Drivers Meeting
0850 – Marshals to stands
0910- Time Attack Practice & Qualifying
0935 – Lapping(20 mins)
1000- Time Attack without passing, 2 sessions, 3 hot laps each session per competitor.
*******if time permits, Lapping
1200 – Lunch/parade Lapping with Cars and Coffee
1250- Marshals to stands
1300- Exotic Car Ride Along (Cars and Coffee)
1320 -Lapping (20 minutes)
1325-Drivers Meeting TA with Passing
1340-Time Attack with passing Group 1
1400-TA with Passing Group 2
1420-Open Lapping
1440-Time Attack awards
*****If there get to be too many people lapping, we may alternate between 2 groups.
1630- End of day

**Schedule may change slightly**