A lapping license. The first step to getting out on the track by yourself and having more fun with your car then you thought possible. By obtaining your lapping license you are opening the doors to not only have fun with your car, but challenge yourself and upgrade to Time Attack and higher forms of racing.

With many experienced instructors available, you have the opportunity to learn how your car really performs. Instructors will work with you to help you develop your skills and learn how your car handles.

A brief overview of what you can expect to learn about you and your car:

  • Safely handling of your vehicle in extreme situations
  • Handling at higher speeds, hard braking and sharp higher speed turns
  • Proper driving lines
  • The traction circle and how to best maintain traction

Possibly even better than what you learn in the car is what you will learn outside the car. The community you are about to join is happy to have you. You will see many makes, models, and vintage, of car, which the drivers are always willing to help out; from advice on driving styles to car modification and maintenance.

The cost? Minimal. While fancy suspension, tires, and other modifications can make you faster, they are not needed to have fun. All that is required is a mechanically fit vehicle, appropriately certified helmet and your lapping fees.

While there is always risk in driving at high speeds, lapping is not timed and it is not a race, as long as you drive within your skill set, damage is unlikely to occur. Everyone attending is there for a fun time and no one wants to see another go home without their car.

So why are you still thinking about it? We are waiting for you!