Here is information for spectators in Q&A format:

How do I get to the track?

How do I access the infield?

  • The infield can be accessed through the tunnel below the track just before turn #1. At no time should anyone try to cross the track surface.

Are food and drinks available at the track?

  • Food trucks may be onsite offering food and drink for some events. Please contact us to be sure, and we recommend you always come prepared with extra snacks and lots of water.

Are ATM’s available on site?

  • There are no ATM’s on site. The closest ATM is approximate a 15 minute drive. Credit is available for some payments at the track.

Can I take photo/video?

  • Most definitely, we encourage everyone to have a good time and share those memories with their friends and family on social media

Will I be in photos or videos?

  • By attending the event, members of the public consent to any photo or video being taken on the premise and understand that photo or video taken is property of the organizers.

Are there areas I am not allowed to go?

  • The track and pit lane are restricted areas while the track is hot (during racing). If you are not sure if the track is hot always assume it is and check with an official.

Advantage of pre-purchasing tickets

  • Substantial cost savings when you pre-purchase. Only available online.