Ever wanted to know how your car compares to other cars? You can!

Don’t want to risk damaging your car in wheel to wheel racing or putting a roll cage in your summer daily sports car? You don’t have to!

Welcome to Atlantic Time Attack, the one place you can find out how you compare to other cars and drivers.

Each car entered in to time attack is given a performance index (PI). Based on your modifications and safety equipment, performance index points (PIPs) are added or subtracted to you PI. This allows the officials to rate your time against all other driver’s in different car classes (see rules and classes for more info).

How do I enter? It’s easy, all you need is a Time Attack license (need a license? click here), a mechanically sound car, and a properly rated helmet.

Car Classification

To figure out what class your car falls into, use the calculator here: http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/. After you’ve classed up the car, download your PIP schedule (download PDF option on the CCDB site) and when registering for Time Attack, upload it to us. This will be used to calculate your PAX times when scoring.

Here is a bit more info on how scoring/PAX works: How Time Attack Scoring Works

Typical Time Attack Day Breakdown

The schedule has been pasted for Event #2 on the armsinc.ca website: http://www.armsinc.ca/2018/07/2018-arms-atlantic-time-attack-challenge-atac-2/

Don’t have a time attack license? No problem! We have you covered. Pre-register and attend any of our events and get on your way. We will set you up with an instructor that will asses your driving skill level. Click here for more information: How to get a Lapping and Time Attack license.