About the Organizers

We are a group of volunteers who are passionate about motorsport and Time Attack. We are working with Atlantic Regional Motorsports (ARMS) executive committee under the leadership of Performance Solo Director, Alex Brunt.

All proceeds from the Time Attack and lapping events go to ARMS, which help growth of our region’s motorsports community.

Our Mission

In the 70s, 80s and 90s Atlantic Motorsport Park was vibrant with spectators and racers. Our goal is to attract more people to this venue and build excitement starting with the basic motorsport disciplines of lapping and time attack.

Time Attack motorsport discipline has been trending all over the world. It is an easy discipline to get into – it does not require a caged race car – all you need is a regular car and a helmet.

  • Help enthusiasts get into motorsport
  • Make the streets safer by getting those with a need for speed to a safe motoring venue regardless of their budget
  • Make Time Attack an exciting and fun event for racers and spectators
  • Raise money for the community to improve our local track (ARMS and AMP)
  • Make AMP great again!